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Terms and Condition

OneBidJapan is not responsible for any damage or stolen on the shipping.If the destination country requires an import license or other permit for import of the merchandise, it is the buyer's responsibility to obtain such a license or permit at your own risks & expenses.

FAQ & Disclaimer :


  1. Data privacy policy:
    We are committed to protect the privacy of customers information. We will not sell, exchange or lease out the information of the customers (including name, email address, mail address, telephone number, credit card details and transaction records) to any third party.
  2. Payment method and security policy:
    The online transaction processing is provided by PayDollar using the highest commercially available encryption technology - 128-bit SSL encryption. All confidential information is automatically encrypted before it is transmitted, to protect the data from being read and interpreted. 3-D Secure authentication is also supported such as Verified by VISA and MasterCard SecureCode.

  3. How do we calculate the shipping?
    Useful links –
    For EMS (Speedpost)
    For air mail,Surface Mail,or SAL
    Japan local shipping fee – Based on the weight and the dimension of the object, the fee can be between $1000Yen to $2000yen or more.
  4. Does OneBidJapan offer its service to oversea buyers, including people are from China and Macau?
    Yes. In fact, we have many oversea buyers. All you need is do is to follow the order instruction and send us the email. The product can be sent directly to your house/to your clients. (Please be aware that all the shipping fees have to be fully paid, and the request has to be stated in the email order .Otherwise, the product will be posted to our Hong Kong office first and then to the destination (Surely, the buyer will be responsible for the multiple shipping fees)).
  5. Any risk on the shipping ?
    Yes. There's a risk. OneBidJapan would not compensate the damage, stolen, lost on the local and the international shipping. However, we will try our best from preventing its happen.
    For your reminder, other charges will apply on oversized items
  6. Anything to keep in mind when searching in auction ?
    OneBidJapan cannot guarantee the truthfulness, accuracy, usefulness, reliability, or legality of information about sellers, the transaction conducted by Sellers, the personal information of the Sellers, or whether they infringe the rights of third parties. However, it's always useful to find those truthfulness sellers in auction who have a high and fairly good ratings.
  7. How long does it take the product to Hong Kong ?
    After the products are received in Japan, normal shipping to Hong Kong will take 15-20days to our office in Hong Kong. Sometimes, it takes a shorter time.
  8. Do I have other shipping option, beside the normal one ?
    Customers can request Express or FedEx or Sea shipping. Please check our Fees page for help.
  9. Do I need to pay any, if my bids are failed?
    No. We will refund all deposit within the next few days with no charge if no more item is interested
  10. What if the buyer never sends out the product after the deposit is paid? What can I do if the product is damaged?
    OneBidJapan is not liable for any fraudulent activities related with our transaction. If the seller does not send us the product after we paid on the successful bid price, we will not charge on our buyer. However, we are not responsible for any damage or stolen on the shipping
  11. Can all the orders count in one payment and one shipping?
    If the orders/auctions are from one seller, OneBidJapan will combine the shipping to save you money. But if the length of each order is seperated too long from each other, we're afriad we can not help
  12. How do I get my item that I won?
    Customers will be contacted when items arrive in Hong Kong or you may contact us after a certain time
  13. If I want more information on the auction item, can I ask for help?
    OneBidJapan will attempt to forward your questions to the seller, BUT it's better for buyers to use the tools to translate your questions to then (Visit”Search”for help)
  14. Can I cancel my order after the order is successfully made?
    You may cancel the bidding at anytime, but only 12 hours before the auction ends!!
    Cancellation after successful bidding or purchasing on any online shop will be accepted. OneBidJapan reserves the right to take the deposit for loss coverage and dispose the items if the storage period gets too long
  15. Any bidding limitation? What if the auction will end within 1-2hours, can I still make the bids?
    There's no limitation on any bidding. For your reminder, OneBidJapan may not able to make the last bid if time gets too short. Therefore, it's very important to contact us directly, rather than sending us a email. 24 hours bidding number: (852) 23893983
  16. What're payment methods?
    Apart from online payment, cash(Japanese YEN, Hong Kong dollars, US dollars) / Bank Transfer / PayPal / or Western Union Wire Transfer. Extra fees may be involved
  17. If I want to purchase/bid items in other online shop/auction, will OneBidJapan help?
    Yes we can. Please use the same order instruction(Visit”Guides&Fees”for help)
  18. After I win the auction, do I get the item for sure?
    Not exactly, because the seller may have a chance to cancel the auction without any reason. On the other hand, you may win the auction at last if you lose bids at the beginning, because the higher bidders/the winner can be cancelled by the seller
  19. If more than 2 customers are bidding on the same item, what will OneBidJapan do?
    If this situation happens, OneBidJapan will ONLY determine the final winner of the auction by the max. price of whom he offered
  20. I've been waiting for too long on the item, can I ask for refund?
    OneBidJapan will contact our customers to pick up items once they arrive in our Hong Kong office. However, if the delivery time has excessed more than 2 months,customers may ask for full refund
  21. How would handle oversized item?
    We have our own shipping handler in Japan. Since the local post office don't accept oversized or over-weighted items, we can try to divide the items into smaller pieces for the normal shipping. If the item can't be divided up, we can arrange a container shipping. However, if customers can afford higher shipping fee, we can contact FedEx which can deliver to the destination within 2 to 3 days.
  22. What is the office hour?
    Office Hours from 6PM to 8PM Monday to Saturday. Closed on Tuesday & Sunday. But bidding and emailing services are 24 hours *Email received after office hour will be replied on next working day
  23. What is service fee included?
    Our services included invoices / parcel handling, receiption, shipping / wrapping / customer support / storage
  24. Can I know the total amount of my parcel before coming to Hong Kong?
    Our service fee is determinded by the weight and the size of the item. However, we can't give out the exact amount until it's weighted in our office ourselves. If you are not sure the estimated weight, please contact the seller for help or check the item description
  25. The item is much larger and heavier than in picture
    Protective wrapping and boxes can increase the final weight and size. For example, if the item is fragile like electronic devices, you can expect to have a lot of wrapping outside
  26. What else do you ship?
    Beside items bidded/ordered in online shops, we can also arrange shipping from your friends/relatives in Japan or product samples
  27. I realized the items I purchased are restricted by customs, what should I do?
    Each country has their set of laws/restriction on imported items. Please contact your sellers/shops to cancel the orders
  28. Does ONEBIDJAPAN post electronic devices to China?
    Yes. From August 2008 on, all items ordered/bidded in Japan will go through Hong Kong office before reaching to China
  29. How can I check the status of my parcel?
    After the parcel is sent out, we will give you a tracking number. For example:EE 111 111 111 JP. This number can be used to keep track of your parcel status in your local post office.
    Japan Post Office:
    Hong Kong:

*Update regularly without notice